Tirad the Torn Land

Barghest Horde thieves guild

The Barghest Horde thieves guild was beginning to shift to a far darker area of operations than our adventurers wanted. Rilsa Rael, leader of the guild, began to purge and testing guild members on their loyalties. The final draw was when Glimgus was asked to slip a poison into a nobles drink and his refusal was a mark on his life. Rilsa Rael gave orders to kill Glimgus to Kahr, Keiran, and Ryne but that could not be fulfilled because of their long friendship. Instead Kahr, Keiran, and Ryne came to the Glimegus and told him about this death order so they all fled Baldur’s Gate for Daggerford.


This is our backstory, leading into our current campaign? Cool.

Barghest Horde thieves guild

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