Over 3000 years ago Tiamat slayed Bahamut’s Champaign, the mass gold wyrm Augoulust, and cast him from the Astral Sea. Whether she knew her actions would cause the First Cataclysm is unknown but the result was catastrophic none the less. His massive body smashed into the world obliterating the Empire of Shadow and sundering Tirad forming the Sea of Storms and the Great Cliff. From his blood rose the Dragonborn.

The elven noble families that survived the devastation abandoned the world for the Feywild leaving their common brethren behind. The elves that remand returned to their forests cursing their leaders for abandoning them. This was all the demon god Lolth needed to infiltrate the elven woods. When her cults joined in armed rebellion a few year later her curse was secured and the rebels were twisted into the drow who were forced to flee to the dark forests of the west and the caves of the Underdark.

The dwarves, possibly the sole benefactors of Dragonfall, used the disaster to rebel and sly their giant masters and then sank deep into the stone of the Great Cliff.

The few people that remand from the shattered human empires scattered to the fare reaches of the world. Those that would become the Nerathites scattered to the southern islands and sought out devils to regain their lost might. Those that were cut off by the Great Cliff fled to the north finding security in the fjords along the northern sea, they would become known as the Northmen. And finally the Verathi, the heirs to the last great human empire to fall to the Empire of Shadow sought refuge with the elves in the planes and forests of central Tirad, the Torn Land.

3184df – Current year
2985df – The Second Cataclysm destroys most of island Empire of Nerath only it’s colonies on the mainland remain.
1792df – A flight of chromatic dragons ravages the Isle of Scales, destroying the Dragonborn empire of Arkhosia.
1790df – The Arkhosia empire finally defeats the devil worshiping Bael Turath after a generations long war.
632dr – The Kingdom of Turath succumbs to devil worship and begins and expansion that would last a 1000 years
132df – The city of Turath is founded in the south.
27dr – Arkhosia founded in the name of Bahamut by the first Dragonborn
1dr – Those that would become the Eladrin flee the world for the Feywild
0dr – the first cataclysm


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