Thadra Moricen, Mayor of Sandy Bay and Designate of Ouland. Human, Nerath, Leader.
○ This tall and beautiful noble woman is the eldest daughter of Lord Moricen who was the last leader of the March. She has seen battle and is a wise leader of her people.

Thigor the Northman, Sharif of Sandy Bay. Human, Northman, Trainer.
○ This tall blond north man became Sharif a few years ago when the last one died in a boating accident. He has seen many a battle and is known to fly in to rages so fierce that he cannot feel wounds.

Jonny the Short, owner of The Halflings Haversack. Halfling, Merchant, local information.
○ The only Halfling that makes his home in the town of Sandy Bay, many others do pass through but most stay on the river. You can get any normal items in this store

Old Gindolin, former owner of the Mud Skipper. Human, Nerath, regional information.
○ Gindolin was a cheery man despite his disfigured face, until his tavern was smashed by the storm surge that wipe out the ‘bottoms’. He is currently trying to get the dwarves who were stranded in Sandy Bay by the same storm to help him rebuild his tavern so they can have some place to drink, unfortunately he has not been about to come up with the money.

Diric Shithen, Priest of Pelor. Human, Nerath, Priest, Merchant, minor religious information.
○ Diric maintains the only temple in Sandy Bay which houses alters to Pelor, Melora, and the Raven Queen.

Madam Via, Seer of the Sinseroun tribe. Human, Verathi, fortune teller and any information.
○ This ancient verathi lived in the ‘bottoms’ but lost her house and nearly her life during the storm. As a seer she can call appon Ioun to tell the future using her Tarokka deck.

Erinious, Master of the Tower of Corellon. Eladrin, arcane and religious information.
○ This old eladrin has been teach the elves and verathi at the ancient tower for as long as anyone can remember. He was one of the few eladrin in the area and knew Bandor’s mother.
○ Edit: Erinious was skinned alive and sacrificed in some dark ritual that Nirioc preformed in the Tower of Corellon. The tower is now cursed and seem permanently mired in corruption and shadow.

Cinthian Nirioc, disciple of Erinious. Eladrin, arcane information.
○ This mysterious eladrin seems to be Erinious’s new student. He has approached your group about buying your Shadow Quartz.
○ Edit: You now know he is one hell of an evil guy and was a “Watcher” but seems to be working against this group now. Why he was seeking the Shadow Quartz is still unknown as are his current whereabouts. The only two leads you have is the large stone doorway that you believe the shadow beast came from and the “shadowmark” on the forehead of a goblin from the Brook Mountain area.

Burnic Fungous, merchant. Human, Nerath, Merchant, world information.
○ This older gentamain was born in The Free City of Ouland and came to the west to make his fortune. After making enough money to buy 3 boots with his first load of elven and dwarvn goods he halled to Ouland he has never looked back. He currently lives just north of Sandy Bay. He lost 2 ships in the storm that he knows of, and is pained by the Mists as they will cost him a fortune.

Jonithan Fungous, pampered nobles son. Human, Nerath.
○ Thinks he will take over his father’s business one day but has neither the patents or the ability to do so.

Aberdean Fungous, daughter and heir to the Fungous fortune. Human, Nerath.
○ Aberdean is a beautiful blond who Burnic keeps cooped up in his home for most of the year. She has been to Ouland and longs to return. She is turning from a board girl into a board noble woman.

Captain Helia Norin, Commander of The Lone Tower. Human, Verathi, world information, trainer.
○ Helia is a beautiful raven haired Verathi with a viscous scare along her left cheek who took up adventuring years ago. After service Ouland for many years she was rewarded with this relatively peaceful but important post close to her clan. The Lone Tower’s history is a mystery to most.

Glipper, goblin war band leader of the Spider Killer Tribe. Goblin, Leader, underworld information and alchemic vender.
○ For a goblin Glipper is amazingly well spoken and calm. He has seen many a battle with the spiders of the rift and is known to be totally resistant to poison. He is happy to tell light bringers any heroic tear alchemic items.

Gornic Stonefang, goblin chieftain of the Spider Killer Tribe. Goblin, Leader, underworld info.
○ This fat goblin has seen many battles and most of the tribe knows his time is almost up and that one day Glipper will be ruling them. He recently traded the tribe’s heirloom weapon for the head of the black dragon that melted half his face away years ago. He has since had the skull made into a helm and enchanted.

Ican the Mad, Illusionist and leader of the Hammers of Greenwitch. Unknown.
○ Some 100 years ago Ican and his friends helped Ouland secure the northern tip of the March of Ouland by rooting the Dead Orc tribe from The Lone Tower and the surrounding lands. After collapsing the basement of the tower on the last of the tribe the Hammers of Greenwitch left the March to never return. Some say they headed south.

Loburg Thunder Sayer, Wizard and sage of Morgan’s Crossing, Human, Cebrin, Trainer, Arcane Knowledge.
○ Nigel’s teacher and pork lover.

Ghaele of Winter’s Bite cold voice behind the mirror. Assumed to be an Eladrin Noble, ancient history and trainer.
○ This mysterious figure was contacted via the mirror in the Tower of Corellion. She seems to be associated with a group known as Watchers and provide you with some knowledge of the Fey Shards and Shadow Quartz.

Girl= Mendy Ninthum
Barkeep = Benson Harden
Succubus = Anna Harden
Old Priest = Dien Fanton
New Priest = Brett
Undead Hunter = Raven Queen Gilus Brighthart
Stone Mason= Eric Egan
Lort the Tanner
Ryk Yundo = Icon’s apprintus
Adth – Girl
Stone Mason Wife – Estra Egan
Dienne – Girl
Lochi – Girl

Turin, Eladrin Warlord, Spear guy
Born in the Fey but left early in life, parents never told him why they left. He has gone out to find his fate in the world.


Caravan Master – Ja’ilip – Stygian
Map Keeper – Thomism the Inslaved – Nerath

Ierish the wicked – Tifling that they raided his tomb

Pipin of the southern mounds.


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